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True Diversification

Here at Beachy Wealth Management, we have a very different view on diversification.

True Diversification is more than just your standard Growth vs. Value and Large cap stocks vs. Small cap stocks, or your Stocks vs. Bond mix. True Diversification is utilizing various asset classes and holdings to perform a certain niche need for an individual's unique circumstances.

• Perhaps true diversification includes using alternative asset classes in one's investment portfolio.

• Perhaps true diversification includes life insurance to guarantee* a death benefit payment to your heirs.

• Perhaps true diversification includes providing guaranteed* income.

• Perhaps true diversification includes having a cash reserve to cover unforeseen expenses.

Here at Beachy Wealth Management we understand the unique challenges that face individuals in their lives. We build custom portfolios to manage total net worth designed to meet an individuals personal needs.


* Of course, the guarantees mentioned herein are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company and are subject to terms and conditions established by that insurance company.  The guarantees do not guarantee the profitability of any investment.